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    Unanswered: How to accelerate a view based on a federated table?

    DB2 10.5.5
    Windows Server 2012

    I have a view based on a federated table on server B. Table is federated from server A. A select on that view on server B takes over 1 minute. The same select on server A takes 1 second.

    What can I do to accelerate the select on server B?

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    Distinct shortage of relevant facts in your post - will limit the quality of the answers.
    What options are set for the data-source (server options/wrapper/user-mappings)?
    What is the size of the result-set?
    How have you eliminated network-traffic costs (between server A and Server B) if they are not on the same frame?
    Are server-A and Server-B both running the same database-manager version+fixpack and both on same operating-systems?
    How exactly are you performing the timings?

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