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    Unanswered: Suggestions for remote connection

    Does any have a suggestion how to have access to db from remote location (WAN)?
    Client has 2 remote offices and want to share same db. I have test the share database tool but even with high speed bandwidth on both sides the connection is kind of slow.

    Also I have tried winflector but does not work in this project since winflector publish .exe applications and not sharing databases.

    All suggestions will be appreciated.


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    Here are the latest news on this project....

    I gave a second chance to bd to share the db using the sharing tool.
    I did bump the bandwidth on host to 50 Mb. End users currently have 20 Mb Bandwidth.

    With that internet speed it takes around 20-30 seconds to connect to host. Then the application show a 1-2 second delay when switching between forms.

    In the mean time it works okay but not as I wish when selling professional services.

    To be continue.....

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    Not sure if I could help but we have 4 different Training Institutions (700km from each other)
    We use normal ADSL VPN connections with 512kb up and 128kb up. We had problems but it's getting better now.
    We connect via remote desktop and it's a bit slow but it works fine.
    On Monday we will upgrade the ADSL VPN lines to 1mb 512kb up and 512kb down.
    10 Users connect this way.

    If you compare the speed for example by using team viewer with remote desktop then Team Viewer is much slower and the display very bad.

    It's also a learning curve for me and I try all sorts of things to get a fast reliable connection.

    My biggest problem is that somehow I use lots of memory.
    Said that, all the PC's connected have I7's , 8gig mem with win 8
    For example:

    1. If I design a report and spend some time on it then BDB hangs.
    2. If I run a query and print reports then I can only print two or three reports, then I have to exit the DB and print the other reports.
    3. My queries look through the database with about 5000 students and the generate the results, first on a print preview.
    4. One more problem is that if I delete a student or even move it to another folder then 80% of the time the DB crash and disconnect all the users.

    My wish is for the 64bit version, hopefully it will still come.


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