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    Unanswered: Timesheet Database

    Dear Seniors,

    I had created a small database to record the Man hours worked by the persons in my Project. At this moment I am getting the Input from the people and entering the data by myself. Since it takes long time to data entry, My Manager suggested to do the entry by the working people itself. So I had splitted my master database and shared the Front end in the server for the people to make the entry with a Entry Form. When I open the Front End database, I can see the list of all employees.

    1) How I can restrict the display of Employee data only and entry of Manhours.
    2) After Entry of Manhours I would like to send it to his superior for approval approval.
    3) How to restrict the employee to change the Manhours of the Previous weeks (i.e) Previous data should be displayed only but it could not be changed

    Kindly help me to sort out this issues, I will very much appreciate if I get a sample file since I am slow learner.
    Thanks and Regards
    R. Vadivelan

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    or get the employees to send an email (similar in idea to Microsoft project's ability to strip off information from emails)

    if employees are logging on to Access from their own PC then use the network logon (google dev ashish API) and use that as the filter to restrict infromation.
    deploy the app just cotnainnt that section required, consider using runtime to save buyign a copy of access for each orkstation. deploy as an MDE or ACCDE NOT an MDB or ACCDB
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    Quote Originally Posted by velu130486 View Post
    ...I had splitted my master database and shared the Front end in the server for the people to make the entry with a Entry Form.
    If, by shared the Front end in the server, you mean that you have a single copy of the Front End on a shared drive, where all users can access it, you need to change this! Having multiple users sharing a single Front End, on a network drive, is a sure way to repeated episodes of corruption, speed and timing problems, and all manner of strange, odd and curious behavior!

    Instead, you need to place a copy of the Front End on each user's PC, with a single copy of the Back End on the shared drive.

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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    All posts/responses based on Access 2003/2007

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    Dear All,

    With reference to the above tips, I have splitted my database into front end and back end. Now whenever a new person Joins in the Project, I am sharing the front end file to enable them to book the Manhours. If they enter the Man-hours it is updated in Master file successfully. But I have 2 concerns for which I need your support

    1) But sometimes some people forget to enter the Manhours in time. So is it possible to send a remainder to the people not filled the Manhours. It will be more helpful for my project

    2) After the employee enters the Manhours, The Manager need to approve/Reject it through Email. Is it possible to do the same in Access. Previously I was using the collect data using email in outlook 2010, but in 2013 this option was missing. How to do the same in Access 2013. Is there any other tool available to do this task. Please advice me
    Thanks and Regards
    R. Vadivelan

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