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    Hello Folks:

    OK - I've used SQL server (as a backend to MS Access) for quite some time now.

    I'm thinking of testing the waters of Azure SQL. A few questions:

    1. Can I create, edit, work with table relationships using the SSMS GUI? If SSMS can't be used as a GUI, what tools does Microsoft provide?
    2. Have you worked in Azure? If so, what are your thoughts, suggestions, and/or concerns?

    Thanks Much:


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    I have not used azure but everything that can be done by way of the gui can be done in T-SQL. You become a better developer or DBA scripting everything anyways. That way you can automate things you would rather be clicking around a screen repeatedly for. One of my first database gigs I had a few servers in Hong Kong that I regularly had to manage over 56kb dial up. In that scenario, there is no way to remote desktop. No way to open the gui tools. Everthing had to be done by batch file and the predecessor to SQLCMD. It made me a stronger DBA.
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