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    Unanswered: Filtering comboboxes based on input of other combobox

    I'm trying to filter one combo box based on the input of the other combobox. I've read a few articles and watched a couple videos.

    I have two combo boxes. Building and room. They come from different tables and data is pulled using separate queries.

    Seems it's as simple as putting "form! [Yourform]! [Firstcombobox]" or in my case, form! [Frmsubform]![buildingnamefk].

    When I open up the form it asks me to enter parameter value. It's almost like it doesn't see the first combo box. I wonder what the problem is. I'm thinking it might be my bound colomn. Your help is appreciated.

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    put code in the con click event of the combo vox to populate the next combo box
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