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    Storing and processing knowledge

    I'm looking for a way of storing and processing knowledge about teaching exercises. So, for instance, I'd like to be able to store information about things like push-ups or site-ups: what they are; various methods of doing them; things to be careful of; benefits; effects; difficulty; how they relate to other exercises; where in a programme they would normally be; how difficult they are; the qualification necessary to be able to teach it; etc. And I'd like to be able to process this data so that by defining a few criteria I could get an exercise programme to be built automatically. I am very experienced with SQL in general but am at a loss to work out how best to achieve my aim. Does anyone know of a database technology that might lend itself to this type of requirement?

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    It sounds like you're having difficulty analyzing and modeling the domain. You may need an experienced data modeler and/or domain expert at this stage. Beware of choosing solutions while the problem is poorly defined.

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