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    Unanswered: Forecast report Limits Displayed records

    I have a report that is a forecast of items due for periodic maintenance. The report parameter is a 'number of days' from today. So, if I want to see what is coming due in the next month, I use 30 days. This works great, until I exceed a forecast of 45 days. The report will only display records up to 45 days out from todays date. Normally this would be OK, but I need to see a forecast from now until Dec 31st (121 days from today). The report shows there is an increase in records that meet the parameter criteria, but only DISPLAYS items that fall within the first 45 days.

    I did not write this report initially and the author no longer works here. Where, within crystal reports, would I find the function that is limiting the displayed records?

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    The answer to your question depends entirely on how the report is designed. Without insight into both the report, the tables and views, and the underlying table schema there isn't much that I can do to help you.

    My first guess would be that one or more of the underlying views is limited to providing only 45 days worth of data.

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