having DB2 10.5.5 on aix and fcm/tsm active for taking snapshots and backup these backups to tape (offload)
we usually use : ..backup use snapshot options device_class=xxxxx
there are some other options available according the profile (eg TSM_BACKUP=YES)
is it possible to provide this option together with the device_clas option (mandatory)
I tried different syntax like: use snapshot options "DEVICE_CLASS=xxx,TSM_BACKUP=NO" or by replacing the , with space
but the backup command does not like the second option.....
not having much experience with fcm/acs another question would be :
having executed the flashcopy and executing the query status we see : remotely mountable
I presumed that tsm4acs (offload agent) would allow this as the doc states : function mount unmount tape_backup...
I tried the option tsm4acs -f mount -d xxxx
it starts and end correctly and for a short moment I could see the filesystems mounted in this machine : df
but after like 1 min the mounts are again removed without any message
Is there setting/option that would keep these mounts and be able to connect to db and do something..
if this is not the correct forum for this : please indicate any other you would recommend