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    Unanswered: Tailored list of combo box

    Is it possible to achieve tailored list of machines to production process in my combo box, every time I click on it? - Please see my sample database

    Combo Box - Forms!frmProcessOfOrders.Form!frmProcessOfOrdersDe tails!machines

    Please see tblProcessAndMachines table to know tailored machines to production process

    I created some query - combo box rowsource, but When I moved to another order, "Machine" field of previous order has been blanked. So I abandoned this idea.
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    If you are using a sub form, when the user 'clicks' (I would recomend -an ADD button, much less prone to errors)
    when the user clicks ADD to add the combo box, it will execute a query to append the combo value to the subform table.

    sub btnADD_Click()     'or use cboBox_AFTERUPDATE()
      docmd.setwarnings false
      docmd.openquery "qaAdd1CboValue2Sub"
      docmd.setwarnings true
    end sub
    the query: qaAdd1CboValue2Sub is like:
    insert into table ([detail] ) values ('" & Forms!frmProcessOfOrders!cboBox & "' where [id] = forms!frmProcessOfOrders!ID

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