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    Unanswered: nested set model with multiple tree in multiple tables


    i have develop a MLM (multiple level marketing ) system and like use nested set model in hierarchy users.

    may tree in MLM over 1.000.000 row. and should have multiple table and each table Separate self nested set model , while connect all trees to one Forest.
    With this approach
    nested set model run very fast !!!
    If you have solution Explain your idea

    very thanks

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    Joe Celko did a much better job of explaining the nested sets model than I can, and since Joe frequently visits DBForums he may drop into this thread and contribute.

    I'd suggest that you read the appropriate part of his book Joe Celko's Trees and Hierarchies in SQL for Smarties, Second Edition before you ask too many questions. Joe doesn't have much patience with questions from people who want him to custom build them a solution for free, but he's pretty helpful to those who want education.

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