Hi Have tow excel workbook, one contains all the date which is call "Expanses Details" the second one contains all the Report i generate using different formulas and which is call "Reports"

I have a report call daily expanses in Report work book, to do this report i have used Index formula and VLookup and Sumif formulas. i wanna subtotal it by Daily the Problem is when i Subtotal is one record goes missing after each subtotal
the First Subtotal gives the correct result but after the second data chance one record goes missing then it Subtotal It Can anyone help me to Solve this problem. I have attached Two Jp files showing date before and after subtotal you will notice the Before subtotal Date 6-11-2014 have 6 record but after Subtotal it have 5 records and Date 13-11-2014 has 2 record before subtotal but after it have 1 record, it continues for rest of date. No VBa code is used in either workbook
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