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    Unanswered: How to update 5000 rows looping through 100 different values

    I am new to PLSQL. I do not know how to do following. Any help is appreciated.

    I need to update 5000 rows in a table with 100 values.

    Table A (aid, last, first)
    Table B (bid, newlast) - there are about 100 records in this table
    Table C (cid, key_aid)

    I need to update table A where aid between 1000 and 6000 and aid not in (select key_aid from C)
    a.last needs to be update with newlast. So I need to loop through Table A and loop through table B

    Please explain your answer in details. Thank you.

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    how about you start off in blocks here. Just start with a select. Write the select statement that will get you all rows in a that you will update, then start joining in the other conditions as you've explained them and ensure you are getting the proper new last name. Then convert it to an update.

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    or have a look at declare cursor.. for update
    update ... where current of cursor..
    the other gaps can be filled after reading some chapters or to have a look at provided samples
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