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    Unanswered: PostgreSQL local server


    I'm newbie in postgeSQL and I want to know one thing:

    Basicly I have Postgres 9.2 one my computer and I want access him by another pc in other network somewhere in the World.

    What is the best and most secure way to do this?

    I read it's possible whith putty ssh tunnel, but in this case it's necessary open port on my router??


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    remote access

    Bare in mind I'm a newbi as well when it comes to PostgreSQL (been using it for whole 6 month )

    Which ever option you choose (SSL is good and setup/configuration is pretty well documented) you will have to open ports on your router or firewall. For example quite a few firewalls by default block traffic of PostgreSQL default port 5432 preventing you to access the DB even on the local network.

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