Dear All,

I'm installing SAP to SLES12, ASE16, VmWare ESX.
During the installation I found several entries in the SID.log, like these:
megint előjtt nekem a nyelvi supplementation-nl az I/O hiba:
00:0010:00000:00000:2015/09/19 19:02:13.29 kernel sddone: read error on virtual disk 11 block 13825296:
00:0010:00000:00000:2015/09/19 19:02:13.29 kernel sddone: Input/output error
00:0008:00000:00016:2015/09/19 19:02:13.32 server Error: 823, Severity: 24, State: 1
00:0008:00000:00016:2015/09/19 19:02:13.32 server I/O error detected during read for BUF=0x0x00000006da1668f0, MASS=0x0x00000006da1668f0, Buf#=0, page=0x0x00000005e8568000, dbid=4, Mass vdevno=11, vpage=13825296, Buf lpage=1728162, Mass stat=0x4000100, Buf stat=0x1, size=16384, cid=0 ('default data cache'), Pinned xdes=0x(nil), spid=0.
00:0008:00000:00016:2015/09/19 19:02:13.32 kernel ************************************
00:0008:00000:00016:2015/09/19 19:02:13.32 kernel SQL causing error : ^E
00:0008:00000:00016:2015/09/19 19:02:13.32 kernel ************************************

And I found only once this entry after the restart of the database:
Spid 9 has exceeded its timeout value while issuing a write for virtual device 11 ('/sybase/<SID>/sapdata_1/<SID>_data_001.dat'). A system call has not responded for 108 seconds, and Adaptive Server will be impacted until it returns. Contact your operating system vendor for assistance.

The errors come, when there are bigger modifications in the database, for exmaple: language supplementation, upgrade.

Thanks for the help!