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    Unanswered: Creating a query or report with selectable parameters


    I want to create a query and/or report in Access 2013 that allows the user to select parameters for the display of data.

    For example, I want to create a report for maintenance costs that allows the user to select the name of
    a property. Based on this selection a report will be created that itemises all the costs for maintenance
    and totals them.

    I have got the basic report working the way I want it. I just need to know the code for selecting property
    name or frgnPropertyID if that is easier.

    The other fields in the form, called frmMaintenance, are Cost, Comments, and MaintenanceID.

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    you can open a report (or form for that matter) specifying parameters

    use the docmd.openreport method
    and specify the parameters as a string inthe openargs parameter of openreport (the 6th parameter)

    Use a form to define the parameters,
    then use a command button to build the openargs parameter iteself, and then open the report
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