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    Unanswered: Error on changing Data directory in my.ini file


    I am new to Mysql and have installed mysql5.6
    I want data directory to be on D: drive so i have modified my my.ini file so that my data directory points to D instead of default one.
    I also moved the data folder to D drive.

    Mysql service does not start and it gives an error (1067: the process terminated unexpectedly) after I save my modified my.ini file.

    Need Help!
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    Have you looked in the log files to see if there is an errormessage

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    Yes. I was able to solve the problem. Apparently, MySQL server service is now owned by the computer’s NETWORK SERVICE account which had no rights to the D: drive, but does on the C: drive. In previous versions, the service was owned by the computer’s SYSTEM account which apparently has rights everywhere.
    Giving full access to NETWORK SERVICE solved the problem

    Thanks for your reply

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