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    Question Unanswered: Timesheet Database need to go online


    We have a timesheet database and we lost a lot of time with the input. We would like to bring the input, by form, to the could. The form is like:

    Name: John Doe
    Project Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
    X 8 8 0 0 0
    Y 0 0 8 8 8

    What kind of language or program could I use.....

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    I'm guessing that almost 40 members have looked at your post, but not responded, because they have no idea what

    Quote Originally Posted by Wokwok
    ...We would like to bring the input, by form, to the could...
    means! What is a 'could?'

    As to
    Quote Originally Posted by Wokwok
    ...What kind of language or program could I use...
    it probably depends on what version of Access you're running, and how you've developed your database, to date. In order to use the built-in tools (in the last two or three versions of Access) for taking an Access database online, you cannot use VBA code, but must use Embedded Macros, instead. But there are a number of alternate approaches to publishing an Access database on the web, that date back before it was a built-in option, and many developers still use them, even in newer versions of Access. Here's a tutorial on the subject:

    Publishing Access Data on the Web

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    Hope this helps!

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