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    Unanswered: Creating queries to track changes to large data, Access 2010

    I am trying to create several queries that will consist of large amount of 'changing' data. I'm going to upload raw data from our an external system into Access each week via table format and then I'd like to create queries that would compare the data and see what has been changed.

    Here's an example of what I'm trying to do. This a shortened version of the raw data:

    Smith Finance Basel
    Smith Finance SOX
    Jones Compliance AML
    Jones Compliance Anti-Tying
    Smith Compliance AML
    Smith Finance Basel
    John Risk Models
    John Risk Market
    John Finance Basel

    I expect the components data to change as people may be adding/deleting them week-over-week and would like to capture what's been added and deleted by creating queries. I'll have the raw data and will upload to Access every week into a table and will adjust the queries, but how would I setup the query to capture what's been changed (i.e., added/deleted) since the previous week?

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    Im not entirely certain what you want to accomplish, but you can implement an audit log... IIRC Allen Brownde covers it in soem detail.... but googling 'ms access audit log' ought to get you started
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