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    Answered: Admin_move_table + udf

    Hi all,
    is it possible to use the SYSPROC.ADMIN_MOVE_TABLE stored proc. to move a table, for which out there exist UDFs that use this table?
    It seems not, because when I try it, I keep getting errors like this:
    SQL0478N The statement failed because one or more dependencies exist on the
    target object. Target object type: "VIEW or SUMMARY TABLE". Name of an object
    that is dependent on the target object: "DB2ADMIN.SQL130711134334200". Type of
    object that is dependent on the target object: "FUNCTION". SQLSTATE=42893
    For this particular table move, I used the option of creating the Target table first (without any dependencies!) and then moving the Souce table with AMT to the existing Target.
    I tried dropping the mentioned object(s) (on the Source table) and reexecuting the AMT proc., only to find that now some other UDF stands in the way...
    There are also FK relationships involving this table, but I haven't noticed any problems with those, sofar... I read somewhere that FKs will not be moved to the Target table though, but need to be recreated by hand.
    Any ideas on the UDF issue?

    Kind regards, Damir

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    Posted by przytula_guy

    "db2 version and platform ?
    the doc does not state anything for udf and amt procedure
    maybe this :"

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    db2 version and platform ?
    the doc does not state anything for udf and amt procedure
    maybe this :
    Best Regards, Guy Przytula
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    suggest you raise a question to IBM via a service request

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    Sorry, I forgot to mention these in the haste: DB2 V10.5 running on AIX 6.1
    Changing the AUTO_REVAL parameter to DEFERRED solved the problem - thank you Guy for pointing me in the right direction!
    (and thank you all for answering!)

    Kind regards, Damir

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