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    Unanswered: jdbc - error disconnecting from database


    I am using a java ETL tool to fire queries to an informix db via jdbc. Randomly I am experiencing an issue with connection: the stack trace from the driver is not very clear:

     Error disconnecting from database foo. System or internal error com.informix.asf.IfxASFException
    The relevant troubled query (a plain select statement with a couple of joins) often is executed without problem. I was not able to spot the cause of these apparently random exceptions.

    Did someone come across a similar issue?

    Many thanks in advance for your replies.
    Best regards

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    the JDBC message are never clear ...
    Which JDBC version are you using, and against which Informix version ? are they in line ?
    Also, does the DBA see any error in the Informix online.log ( MSGPATH) file ?

    ask him to identify your session with onstat -gr sql, and once he did, let him run onstat -g sql sessionnumber,
    and he can trap if there is an SQL error on the engine side.

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