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    Unanswered: Help with vLookup Max Date


    I have the following 3 columns that I would like to get the max “WO Status Date” of the Work Order number. I want to do a vLookup and find the most current date per work order number.

    I have read that this can be done by using the Max function, but I can’t get it to work. 

    For example: If I do a vLookup for WO12345, I would like to get WO12345 - Completed - 9/21/2015 (last date under WO Status Date).

    Work Order WO Status WO Status Date
    WO11165 Completed 9/30/2015
    WO11165 Cancelled 1/13/2015
    WO11165 Cancelled 1/13/2015
    WO12345 In Process 9/9/2015
    WO12345 In Review 9/11/2015
    WO12345 In Field 9/14/2015
    WO12345 Completed 9/21/2015
    WO31258 In Process 9/1/2015
    WO54321 Completed 9/7/2015
    WO66677 Rejected 9/10/2015

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    VLOOKUP returns the first match that it finds in the list. In order to get the result that you want, you will need to sort the list by Work Order (ascending) and WO Status Date (descending) first.
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