Hi all,

Wondered if anyone could help?

I have very little experience of all this - I have created a few websites using Serif Webplus and Frontpage in the past, but I'm just trying to help out a friend who had a website built for him but has now parted company with the designer who also hosted the website. This website was written in asp.net and has a database - this is all alien to me!

We have therefore taken out a Windows based package with 1&1 (I use them for my other websites) - my understanding was that Windows was required for asp.net. And we have had the website files and database sent to us on a USB stick. I have uploaded (I believe) the website files via FileZilla to the server, although nothing is showing.

I have been told by 1&1 that this may be because I have not uploaded/imported/created the database. I have created the database now within 1&1 but have no idea how to import the existing database. I have two files .mdf & .ldf (SQL Server files) but no idea what to do with them!!

If anyone can help, it would be appreciated.