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    Unanswered: How display 12 records on a form at a time

    I have a subform currently that is in continuous form mode. But there will be up to 36 records to display and we don't want to display all 36 of them in one continuous form.

    So I thought I would creat 3 command buttons on the main form. The first command button will display the first 12 records, the 2nd command button would display the second 12 records, and the 3rd Command button would display the third 12 records. Please note that is some cases there may be less than 36 records total so if for example there were 20 records, the button would display 12 records, the 2nd button would display 8 records and the 3rd button would display none.

    Each record has a date field and the records will need to be sorted in date order.

    How can I accomplish this?

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    you'd need to either:

    use the RECORD ID (autonumber) to pull the 1st 12. id1, to id2,
    then on the click get the next 12.
    make a table that holds the 12. empty tbl, append 12 records.

    either way, it sounds like a LOT of work, when you can just do zero code and show all records in the continuous form.
    Showing only 12 sounds ridiculous.

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