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    greetings and help on relational database design

    Hi there, newbie from kiwi land. Stormed on this site looking for help on db design. I read a post that looks similar to what I was looking for but kind of different and has not solved my problem. This is a private project and hope someone can help with ideas.

    My data is currently structured in the following way.

    CLASSROOMS (e.g. Grade 8th, 7th, etc) where users can offer many SUBJECTS (e.g. maths, biology, etc), SUBJECTS of course have many topics which I call COLLECTIONS (e.g. sets of questions to practice questions). I also know that a SUBJECT can be offered in multiple CLASSROOMS (Grades). So am confused how the association should look like:

    There will be another table called SUBSCRIPTION such that user can subscribe to only one CLASSROOM but as many SUBJECTS in that CLASSROOM when subscribing.

    What's the easiest and most efficient way to structure this so I can get all COLLECTIONS in SUBJECT(s) in the subscribed CLASSROOM for each USER.

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    This is a rather old post ... are you still needing feedback, or have you found a solution to your questions?

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