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    Unanswered: Old records in combobox

    Hi all,

    I have an combobox called invoice nr. as a lookup in another table. Every time I need to make receiving control on incoming materials, I can find the invoice nr. in this combobox, then select the invoice nr. and write the results from incoming control to another table. At this time I am finished with this invoice nr., and I am not going to use it anymore.

    My problem is that I have about 200 records at this time and all invoice nr. are still in that combobox that I choose from.

    Is it possible to remove the invoice nr. from combobox when it is used, and how do I do this?

    I hope that above written explains my problem

    Best regards

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    how are you populating the combo box?... all it may require is to REQUERY the combobox to purge any used rows.
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