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    Unanswered: Updating multiple rows for one column in a table

    Hi Team, my requirement is to nullify Creditcard numbers from tables, as our interface team is retiring creditcard functionality, so what ever creditcard numbers which are stored in our tables we should nullify it. I have successfully nullified thre tables, where as in two tables we have creditcard number as primary key which we cannot nullify, so what I have thought is updating creditcard number field with Null1, Null2 inplace of creditcard numbers, so far in our Development region and test region it went fine, where as in our prod server we have around 30lakhs rows where we should nullify creditcard number , which is primary key .
    In that case manual insertion will be hectic. Is there any script or any procedure to update multiple rows for one column in a table .

    Thanks in Advance.

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    perform a search as there have been many examples provided here on this site and I, believe, there may be a script or two in IDUG's Code Place as well, probably another on IBM's developer works and any number of other boards. Another option is to unload/load your data.

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    You had me puzzled with the 30lakhs but Dave is right about the unload/load. Fastest way

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