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    Question Unanswered: Newbie to Access 2013 needs help to design first database.

    Dear Experts!

    This is my first post and first steps to Access so please be gentle to newbie.
    I don't want nor expect ready solutions, but guidance and help so I can understand the whole process of designing the databases in professional manner.

    I want to create database to help a small non-profit organisation in assigning tasks to volunteers.
    The organisation holds two 'meetings' weekly. On every meeting there is a list of 'speeches' given by speakers and some auxiliary tasks that need to be assigned (who operates PA equipment, who opens and closes the venue etc)
    The volunteers have got different skills and 'level of access' so not every person can be a speaker or operate PA.
    List of tasks is assigned on rota basis so in every week people assigned to certain tasks will change

    What I try to achieve with database:
    - I want to be able to assign volunteers to the tasks from the list that is showing only those being able to do it
    - I want to check if they had not been chosen for the tasks that excludes each other (for example one person manning the gatehouse cannot be chosen for speaker on this meeting but can do speech on next one)
    - I want to be able to print reports with 'schedule' of meetings
    - I want to be able to send report to every volunteer with list of tasks assigned to him in next two months

    What I have done so far:
    - I watched many tutorials on YT
    - I already created a table of Volunteers with
    ID/Name/Task1/Task2/Task3etc fields (Task1/2/3 are Yes/No fields to be ticked if a volunteer can be assigned to certain task).

    -I had created a very basic form to add/edit/remove Volunteers and their skills.

    -I created a table Meetings with a list of tasks to be manned (each row is 1 meeting, each field is a task).
    ID(primarykey)/Date/Task1/Taks2/Task3/Task4/Speaker1/SpeechTitle/Speaker2/SpeechTitle etc

    What I now need help with:
    I want to create a frm to fill tblMeetings with names from tblVolunteers.
    How can I relate these two tables to get combobox for Task1 looking up for only those names from tblVolunteers that got Task1 field ticked Yes.
    How can I create query that will check and inform me that I assigned Volunteer1 to Task1 and Task2 (which excludes each other). How can I create list of tasks that exclude and not exclude each other (ie person opening the venue can be a speaker but a speaker cannot operate PA equipment).

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    Question What happens when there more than 4 task

    thats the Clue

    create a Task Table

    Task_Done yes/no
    Adate Add date
    DdateDone Date



    so looking at the task table
    you can join to the Person table and get there Fname
    also linking it the the Meeting Table you can get the meeting discription
    hope this help

    See clear as mud

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