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    Talking Unanswered: Error 5120 when trying to attach to a database mdf file


    I copied database .mdf and trying to attached to sql 2012 server but it gives error as attached
    tried follwing
    1. added user everyone with full control
    2. coping .mdf in sql server default data folder
    running sql studio manager in adminstrator

    Need to solution to attached
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    There are multiple problems illustrated in your picture, not just one.

    First and most important, NEVER put database files on the boot/system drive of a server. This is a reciepe for disaster!

    Your options are ONLY ONE of:
    1. Move the MDF and LDF files for this database so that they are in the folder with your other MDF and LDF files.
    2. Move the "Elsteel India SQL" inside of the SQL Server data folder
    3. Move the "Elsteel India SQL" to another drive (D: is the most likely).

    The first two will fix the Error #5, and the third ought to either fix it or make it easier to fix.

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