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    Lost with the future, looking for guidance and groups!

    Hello all,

    First time poster here. I am at a cross-roads in career. I have a Bachelors Degree in Computer science. I am not built for programming jobs, I just do not enjoy coding with the OO laguages. I moved to a pharma company after graduation was there for 3 years plus worked with SQL and Unix on their database running queries and modifying a tad. Moved to Thomson Reuters for 7 years where I did mostly application support but got into some batch and perl. I once again was able to toy around in their SQL databases which has solidified my desire to want to move deeper into Database specific jobs. So my questions is if I want to move deeper into Database jobs what should i focus on I am familiar with Oracle and Microsoft slight lean to Oracle My SQL skills are intermediate at best. I need some guidance of what I should learn and jobs I should target, I am not scared of the lower level jobs if it leads me to get experience and move to maybe a DBA position down the line. With this in mine can you all give me suggestions of how to proceed? I do not enjoy Object programming. To me I love SQL and it does not FEEL like coding to me...thats best way I can explain it. I also enjoy Unix/Linux With that in mind how can i get past this cross road? Thanks for your help and I hope to learn a lot in this forum. I am feeling overwhelmed now that im out of my last job and seeing all these DB systems, all thes languages, NO SQL T-SQL


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    If you have some comfort with Microsoft SQL Server, check out to find local/virtual user groups, and to find free training nearby. Both of them will help you to build a professional network to connect to others with similar interests or those geographically close to you. This would be the first step in getting involved in the community and that will help steer you to positions which are a good fit for you.

    Oracle has similar groups but a very different approach to the newcomer.

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