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    Unanswered: Report 'Enter Parameter Value' Error

    Hi guys,

    I'm facing this problem when creating a report using the report wizard. I get 'Enter Parameter Value' - SectionID & ", " & CourseID when trying to enter any view other than design view. Leaving the input blank results in an incorrect report.

    My SQL is as follows:

    SELECT [Section_Query].SectionID, [Section_Query].DayOfWeek, [Section_Query].Location, [Section_Query].StartTime, [Section_Query].EndTime, [Section_Query].CourseID, [Registration].[StudentID] FROM Section_Query INNER JOIN Registration ON ([Section_Query].CourseID=Registration.CourseID) AND ([Section_Query].SectionID=Registration.SectionID);

    Section_Query yields no errors, and neither does my Registration table.

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    The reason you are getting the message is because the SQL engine cannot find a column of that name so it interprets that text as a prompt for user input.

    So check the columns exist
    Check for typos / spelling mistakes
    Check the syntax for the join. It could be the bracketing, Access / JET SQL is a bit quirky with the JOIN syntax
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