Not to waste your time, I'll describe what I had && what I have now. My apps are written on php. They live on redhat6 server with nginx + apache web servers. We store data in MySQL DB, but we have lots of imports from Oracle and IBM Informix DB's, & mssql. For Oracle & Informix I have installed clients && compiled libraries & . For a few months they were working as expected.

But a week ago, admins made a snapshot of out virtual server, and reloaded it. Now only MySQL and mssql connectors work, and Oracle & IBM clients thows errors.

Oracle : -28759
HTML Code:
Failed : SQLSTATE[HY000]: pdo_oci_handle_factory: ORA-28759: failure to open file (/usr/local/src/php-5.3.3/ext/pdo_oci/oci_driver.c:579)/opt/project/www/test.php149
IBM Informix : -23101
HTML Code:
Failed : SQLSTATE=HY000, SQLDriverConnect: -23101 [Informix][Informix ODBC Driver][Informix]Unspecified System Error = -23101./opt/project/www/test.php146
Well, as official documentations says, Informix error is connected with the lost env variables of DB_LOACALE & CLIENT_LOCALE...etc.

This is strange, because all this time I was using this string for my connections :
PHP Code:
  $dbh = new PDO ("; database=some_db; server=db_net; CursorBehavior=0; DB_LOCALE=en_US.57372; CLIENT_LOCALE=en_US.57372;""db_login""pass"); 
I tried to set up this env variables for apache (httpd) , but this error still accures. Now I have this variables set after server reboot, but no success. May be I'am doing something wrong or at the wrong place or user name...

About Oracle , documentation says that it is connected with files loading. And the web doc says that it is mostly ssl error and is connected with the trouble of the client, that can not find SSL Wallet files. I Have TCPS secure connection to Oracle DB with wallet, and I remember that it was a real trouble to make Instant client to look at the right place. More than that, I have client tracing enabled, but it is writing log only when I use sqlplus directly from terminal. When I run my php scripts, I got only errors and no log.

Connect from terminal is successful, and finds wallet files correctly. But trying to do the same from php fails. I tried to rename the wallet files and sqlplus connection from terminal gave me the same error that file not found. So i came to the conclusion that pdo_oci looks somewhere else, but not to the correct directory where sqlplus looks. What env variable is lost or how to find out the path where to place wallet files?


1.How to enable Informix variables correctly, or how to resolve this issue in different way.

2.How to enable "net tracing" for oracle, to see what he is looking for?

3.How to store this variables for future reboots/reloads/snapshots...etc. ?