I'm running into a problem with my pg_hba.conf.. When I attempt to do LDAP Search+Bind Authentication I get the below error.

LOG:  unknown authentication option name: "ldapbasedn"
CONTEXT:  line 78 of configuration file "/db/pgsql/data/pg_hba.conf"
FATAL:  could not load pg_hba.conf
If i remove ldapbasedn, It errors on ldapbindpasswd, and if I remove that it will error on ldapsearchattributes.

According the PostgreSQL Documentation I should be able to use ldapbinddn, ldapbindpasswd, and ldapsearchattributes to bind a user account, to search ldap.

What am I doing wrong? Below is a snippet of my pg_hba.conf. This is being run on RHEL6.5.

hostssl	 all	 postgres,admin	 md5 
hostssl	 all	 all	 ldap	 ldapserver=mydomain.biz ldapport=636 ldaptls=1 ldapbasedn="cn=CTIA,dc=mydomain,dc=biz" ldapbindpasswd="MySuperPassword" ldapbinddn="CN=postuser,OU=Services,OU=My Users,DC=mydomain,DC=biz" ldapsearchattribute=sAMAccountName