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    Unanswered: Client Cannot ping to Host Server using dsedit 12.5

    I have a virtual machine running on CentOS7 wherein my ASE 16.0 Developer's Edition is installed. Everything is running server and backup server. My problem was I cannot see or ping my ASE 16.0 in the virtual machine. By doing some additional test, I try to start my httpd service in CentOS7, I try to access it from my laptop thru web browser by indicating the ip address. Fortunately, I see the apache page which means its really working. My Host Server (ASE-16.0) resides on virtual machine and my PC Client is on my laptop. I can ping the ip address of my host server (ASE) in my laptop. I also check the firewall by adding port 5000 which is the port number of my ASE 16.0. Can you please do help me to resolve this matter.

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    Try and telnet to the port. In Windows you would just do telnet 5000... not sure what the Linux equivalent is.

    One of two things will happen.

    1) It is able to open the connection which tells you that the server is listening and it is able to establish connectivity. You know there are no network issues at this point.


    2) It won't be able to open a connection. This means either the service is not listening or that you have some kind of a network\firewall issue preventing you from opening a connection on that port.

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