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    Unanswered: Corrupt vfp 8.0 dbf file

    We have a visual basic 6.0 program that updates a foxpro table through odbc. We have a timer program that starts up every minute to print reports from an action.dbf. Whenever we run a procedure in our program we are opening the tables that we use and then close them. I don't know what happens but sometimes I get an error message whenever we try to open the dbf that the VB program updated. The message is *.dbf has been corrupted. The table will need to be repaired before using again. We have a repair program that we use to fix the dbf file and the repair message says File EOF mark adjusted! (VFP8+). The only thing the VB program is doing is setting a logical field to either true or false. I can't figure out what vb would be doing to cause this problem. Ant help would be appreciated.

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    OK, let's see...
    You have 2 applications
    * One is VB6 which updates some VFP8 data table
    * And the other 'timer program that starts up every minute to print reports from an action.dbf' is what?

    Is this a new problem or has it been problematic since the very start?
    * If New, then what has changed - anywhere in the overall system

    Are both applications using the same VFP8 data table - Action.dbf ?
    If so, could they both be accessing it at the same time?

    How about network issues (intermittent drop-outs, etc.)?
    Those indeed could introduce issues like you describe.

    Maybe with a little more detail we can narrow down the search for the problem.

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    First I would suggest you to use next helpful topics dedicated to DBF files, in case guide below or these topics can't assist you, then make use of more powerful solution for severely damaged dbf files DBF Open File Tool

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