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    Unanswered: Calculated Field from Two Forms...?

    So, I am trying to calculate two fields from two different forms.

    I get the math, but not the adressing

    So far I've tried this:

    Me.txtPSah.Value = Round(rs.Fields("AV") / Me.fTall.txtDA.Value * 100, 1) & "%"

    Where "AV" refers to a sql run in this form, and the "fTall" is the other form I want to get some numbers from.

    Is this possible? Or do Ihave to run a sql to get the numbers in this form to? =)

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    instead of using me. you need to use the forms collection to refer to a variabel or control in another form
    forms!fTall.txtDA.Value * 100, 1) & "%"

    ....if it were a report then
    reports.myreportname.txtDA.Value * 100, 1) & "%"
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