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    Unanswered: DB admin is telling me our db does not recognize that "" and "" belong together

    The Problem: We have a street named "sterstrasse" in the db. We enter "" as search term and we get 0 results. But if we enter "" we get all streets beginning with an (like sterstrasse).

    Now we contacted the db admin and he told us: "We set the db to international so that things like are recognized. But this leads to the issue that the DB does not recognize german Umlaute like or . By that it does also not know that and belongs together. We cannot change this without loosing other functionalities. It is also not possible to use the UPPER() function for umlaute. The db is configured for case-insensitive search but as it turns out this is not working for umlaute.
    As we are running Sybase 12.5 he suspects this is the issue.

    Now my questions: The db is behaving correctly if we enter . So it knows Umlaute. It the db admin correct? Or is this just something not set correctly?

    We are running Adaptive Server Enterprise by Sybase in Version 12.5. I know its old, that is why I ask you guys as I am not sure if maybe he is right and I am not a db expert.


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    As far as I know choosing a specific character set (to allow umlauts) doe not mean you can't set the observer to accent insensitive sort order. I have had a few ASE12.5 instances that allowed umlauts and still were set to accent insensitive sort orders.
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