I am looking for suggestions for what my colleague and I should implement for our small IT Consulting company. Neither of us have much DB experience, but we sort of understand our needs involve having some sort of database solution employed. We need the following:

CRM functionality
Work Order functionality
Inventory functionality
Reporting functionality (show list of customers and their phone numbers, or show list of customer X's inventory usage in 2015, etc.)
Database accessible on smart phone/tablet/laptop with easy to use GUI
Database solution that is cost effective

We could use Salesforce, or some other CRM solution, but we would really like to tailor a system to meet our specific needs, and we are also interested in saving money in the process. We considered simply using MS Access but ran into kinks in terms of how mobile friendly that might be.

We would greatly appreciate some guidance in terms of what back end and what front end suits our needs, as well as what tools or software will help us achive our goals (e.g. Toad vs Workbench for MySQL design).

Again, we are very green in terms of our DB knowledge, but we are also IT professionals and do not mind investing our time so that we can create a custom solution that is tailored to our needs, and that hopefully saves us money.

Thank you,

W. M. Malone