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    Unanswered: Database Design for Inventory System

    Hi All,

    Any one can suggest me how should i design my database for me to keep track all the equipment that i rent out and can display the totally inventory by location.


    Genset total unit = 3, location = JB warehouse.

    After rent out
    Genset total unit = 2, location = JB warehouse.
    Genset total unit = 1, location = SB warehouse.

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    So you need to know what equipment you have, presumably classified by type (eg generator, accessories, other equipment). You also need to know ehere that equipme t is (which will probably be an intersection table to model one or more pieces of equipment will be at variuos locations.
    You will need to know what equipment is loaned out to whom. That infers you need a table for customerss, a tablr for loan contracts and another one of those intersection tables that indicates what equipment is loaned out to which customers under which loan contract....

    So do your basic analysis of tge project, scope out what you need to include in your model, what you dont need and decide on what you may need to support the organisation going forward.

    Take those requirements through the desin normalisation process.

    Refine the design in the light of test data, re iterate as required till you have a robust data model that supports the current requirements and probable futute requirements

    Understand what normalusation is, what it enforces and why it can refine designs to make them less vulnerable to changes in business requirements over time
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