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    Our accounting software is awful and I need a way to track purchases for a multitude of reasons. It has been 10 years since I took a DB design class. Does the attached image look like an efficient design that won't break anything?
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    so in this school you raise a single purchase request per single product bought, so you can't have a PRN (purchase Request Note) which orders a block of stuff
    I woudl then expect a PRN to explode into actual orders placed with supplier(s). a PRN may well explode in orders with multiple suppliers. similarly an order with a supplier may also be a composite of several PRN's (assuming the process model allows it). if your process model is one order per destination (ie you can't add more than one schools PRN's into one physical order then dont do it)

    there can only be one supplier of a specific product bought

    there is no concept of equivalence (ie manufactuer A sells 'superbright Letter', manufacturer B sells 'value Letter' paper both are the same weight and same suitability for ink or laser or photocopier....)
    there is no concept of part deliveries (ie supplier A delivers 10 reams Letter paper, this week and another 40 next week which are all part of the same order

    I woudl have expected the actual purchases to reflect the school that requested the item not the requestor, or perhaps both.

    is it a real attempt at a real system or is it slightly masked homework?
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