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    Unanswered: Ina report with multiple quantities, picm only one quantity for total

    I have a report that pulls the quotes we do for the week. Most quote have multiple quantities, say 1, then 10, then 100. I need the total to only pull up the $$ of the highest quantity for the total, or the numbers really dont work


    We quote a part for qty 1 at $5, 2 @4.50 and 10 @ $4

    I need it to only include the qty 10 price in the running total

    Any ideas what formula I need? I tried Maximum but it doesn't seem to work

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    need a bit more info

    what have you done so far
    hope this help

    See clear as mud

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    Quote Originally Posted by myle View Post
    need a bit more info

    what have you done so far
    Sorry, I a total amateur on Crystal; I have done some good stuff, but am 1005 self taught, so its hard to even explain!

    I made a formula so it only picks active quotes, from this year. That works fine. I have a running total that gives me the total amount of parts we have quotes, and that works.

    The only part that does not work is the $$$ total; I honestly don't even know at this point what it is adding. When I ran the report in the beginning of the year, with only a few entries, it seems to work right. But now after having 210 months worth, the total just doesn't seem to work
    The formula I was using is :

    Maximum ({Quote_Qty.Quote_Qty}) hoping that if the quote had more than one quantity, it would only include the highest on the report

    I hope that helps at all!

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