i have a huge database of library system but i have a problem on how to design tables on database because i have under one entity (for example AUTHOR) a lot of Repeatable fields so i don't know whether to make a table with foreign key for each repeatable data or this will be too many tables and may affect performance ..

taking into consideration that AUTHOR is only a small entity from about 30 entities like author or somehow bigger

so is it suitable to make about 10 tables for author only

i know that i will make all the Non Repeatable in one table called Author but the big problem is for the rest of fields

for example

- Author ( Repeatable )

(R) ---> Repeatable
(NR) ---> Non repeatable
indicator means a character or digit which means some specific data about an author

First Indicator Type of personal name entry element
0 --> Forename
1 --> Surname
3 --> Family name

Second Indicator Type of added entry
0 --> No information provided
2 --> Analytical entry

Sub-field Codes
a - Personal name (NR)
b - Numeration (NR)
c - Titles and other words associated with a name (R)
d - Dates associated with a name (NR)
e - Relator term (R)
f - Date of a work (NR)
g - Miscellaneous information (R)
h - Medium (NR)
i - Relationship information (R)
j - Attribution qualifier (R)
k - Form subheading (R)
l - Language of a work (NR)
m - Medium of performance for music (R)
n - Number of part/section of a work (R) o - Arranged statement for music (NR)
p - Name of part/section of a work (R)
q - Fuller form of name (NR)
r - Key for music (NR)
s - Version (NR)
t - Title of a work (NR)
u - Affiliation (NR)
x - International Standard Serial Number (NR)
0 - Authority record control number or standard number (R)
3 - Materials specified (NR)
4 - Relator code (R)
5 - Institution to which field applies (NR)
6 - Linkage (NR)
8 - Field link and sequence number (R)