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    Unanswered: Fetch Author of Directory File

    Hello Everyone:

    I've found some boiler plate VBA script that creates a list of all .xls files in a given directory. Also, in the loop, when an .xls file is found, the loop fetches:

    • File Name
    • Date Last Modified

    But, I can't figure out how to fetch file author.

    After a file name has been determined, the following snippet grabs Date last modified

    LastMod = file.DateLastModified
    Available options don't include "author"

    Does anyone know how to find the author of a directory file?

    Thanks in Advance ....

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    Have you searched for details of tbe excel file object
    If you havent found much another approach is to examine it whilst writing code. Providing you have fully declared the object then take advantage of intellisense and type file. And then examine the various methods and proprties discovered
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