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    Unanswered: is there a default "order by" (not alphanumeric sorting).

    I have a table with 10 columns on sybase ase. ver 5.(very old..).

    first 5 are logical keys and last 5 are results.(K1,K2,..K5, R1,R2,...R5).
    There aren't any PK's.
    There is index on all first 5 columns.
    By mistake, we inserted many duplicate rows into the table. meaning, all the first 5 columns are duplicate but the results (last 5 columns) are different.
    all columns are numeric.
    My questions are, is there an inner sorting/ordering mechanism that acts where there is no "order by" statement ? how can i be sure that when my results are duplicate, they come in the same order ?
    for instance:
    id age height weight salary code
    1 ,30 ,1.80 ,75 ,10,000 ,4
    1 ,30 ,1.80 ,75 ,10,000 ,2
    1 ,30 ,1.80 ,75 ,10,000 ,3
    select code from tbl_1 where id = 1 and age = 30 and height = 1.80 and weight = 75 and salary = 10000;
    what will be the order ? is it always that order ?

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    A general answer is simple, but a specific answer is impossible.

    In general, the rows will be returned in a consistent order. In other words if you execute a given SELECT statement 100 times then the odds are that you'll get the same result set 100 times.

    Technically there are many other factors that can influence the order of a return set when no ORDER BY clause is specified. The sequence is up to the database engine, and it may change unless you provide an ORDER BY clause.

    In theory, theory and practice are identical. In practice, theory and practice are unrelated.

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