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    Question Unanswered: display image in continuous forms based on checkbox.....showing in all records?

    I have a continuous form where the user would select a checkbox, and it would display an image ( a little red flag) and make the text red.
    The text part works great because i'm using conditional formatting, and I can make the flag appear and disappear, however the flag is appearing/disappearing in all the records and not just the current record.

    Any ideas?

    im using an after_update event on my checkbox,

    If chxflag = True Then
    flagpic.Visible = True
    flagpic.Visible = False
    End If

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    Don't waste your time trying: it's something that can't be done with continuous forms (nor with forms in datasheet view for that matter) in Access. The only possibility to control a row on such forms (except for the conditional format feature) is through the data source used by the concerned form.

    The only trick you could try would consist in using a table containing the data source for the form and a supplemental column that would contain someting that indicates the image must be displaid or not (e.g. when the value in that column is Null, the image object is still there but shows nothing). There is no guarantee, though: it depends on how your database and your application is organized. Moreover it would be complex to implement.
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    ...hence why datasheet view should virtually NEVER be used, and you need to be aware of the limitations of continuous forms view. both have their place, BUT bear in mins Access is NOT and NEVER will be fully featured development environment such as .NET or JAVA or similar. its a RAD that has its own way of doing things, and some things its very very good at, some things not so good...
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