Hey Everyone,

My name's James and I'm an Database-a-holic.

Ok, maybe not quite - but I enjoy the ever frustrating circle of designing a database.

In the real world I'm an anatomist, postgrad student and researcher living in the often rainy, but always interesting, city of Glasgow. (For any Pratchett fans out there, Glasgow is the Ankh-Morpork of Scotland!)

I have no formal training in database design (or computer science in general) but have self-studied bits and peices since I was in high school. I'm also interested in programming and have a little experience in languages such as python and c#, however again it's self taught with no formal training (i.e. i'm a bit rubbish at it all). I'm looking forward to learning a bit of SQL though!

As a sciencey kinda guy, what really floats my boat is problem solving and over the years I've found that Microsoft Access has had the capability to solve many a problem. I've dabbled with mySQL but I love access for being able to build a user interface into it all. I am hoping to branch my learning into different database platforms.

Experience wise I've built a few access databases to fulfill some need at home, work or volunteer stuff I do. However in my new job, I have been picked (some may say picked on) to create a few. It's a scary prospect going from 'tinkering with databases in my spare time for my own pleasure' to 'your boss will want to see something working soon'. So I thought it was time that I officially signed up to the forum - after all I've picked your brains a number of times from despereate google searches at 3am, so hopefully I can actually ask some questions in the coming year and with any luck perhaps answer a few as well!