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    corrupt DBF file

    I have a problem with a DBF file, its corrupt and I cannot reindex. Any pointers on how to repair a file lioke this? There are loads of products out there but I'm looking for a reccomendation - preferbly free!

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    No one can recommend you anything here. You have to perform a search on Google by you own. There are plenty of software companies in the market which provide third-party recovery tools for corrupt DBF files. SysInfoTools, Stellar, SysTools, DataNumen, etc. are few popular names.

    Make sure you first download the free trial or demo version before purchasing the software.

    Thanks and best regards.

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    corrupt DBF file

    Have you fixed your file yet?

    You didn't say what sort of file it was, dBase, Clipper, Fox, etc, or what sort of index you were trying to create? If there was a failure during indexing, how far did the process get. If there's a problem with the last record, which maybe failed to save correctly to there's in fact a dud/invalid record there, then the index process could fail, but in reality ALL of the file is OK?


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