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    Unanswered: Changes in one table results in changes in the others



    This is (a part of) my db relations:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm trying to achieve this:

    Show a form of all applications (application as in to apply for a job). For each application, a subform with the applicant (which is a company) and it's details shown. Then, for each company, the subcontractors are shown.

    The problem:
    I can manage most of this, however not quite all of it. Imagine a situation where company (applicant) has a different subcontractor for a different application. It could be for example that for Application "Fabricate Glasses" there's a company "Shady Sunglasses" working together with subcontractor "Sunny In Philadelphia". For the application "Sell Glasses", it may be that "Shady Sunglasses" doesn't work together with "Sunny In Philadelphia" but with "Rainy Days". However, the subcontractors are linked with the applicant. Meaning that if I change the subcontractor to "Rainy Days' in Application "Sell Glasses', the subcontractor "Sunny In Philadelphia" will be changed in Application "Fabricate Glasses" as well.

    I kind find an error in my normalization, did I overlook something? Or should it work somehow?

    Any help is much appreciated!

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    You should use a Junction table to implement Many-to-Many relationships among applicants and subcontractors. See: (Many-to-Many Relationships) and
    Have a nice day!

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