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    Unanswered: Access 2013 One Field based on 3 fields in 3 tables

    I need code to do the following and where do I put the code? in a field in my main DB or in a query?

    Basically need to pull WBS code from original field and if "?" pull from GL Acct Name and if still "?" pull from Assign WBS - Fallout table

    Details with WBS Desc
    GL Acct Name
    Assign WBS - Fallout

    If #1 Table[Details with WBS Desc] Field[Work Breakdown Structure Identifier] is "?" then

    If #1 True
    IF #2 True vlookup table [Details with WBS Desc] field GL_Account_Name in Table[GL Acct Name] Field GL_Acct_Name and if found return field WBS_Code

    If #2 False
    vlookup table [Details with WBS Desc] field Transaction Description in Table [Assign WBS - Fallout] field Trans Desc and if found return field [WBS Code]

    If #1 FALSE not equal to "?" then return field[Work Breakdown Structure Identifier]
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    Use a join in a query and a compund iif
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