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    Thumbs up Missing Introduction Section!

    Hello world..!

    How're you doing? I've just joined dBforums, one of the most popular online discussion directories ever for database. I was just going through the website, and found that the very important section is missing here. New members come daily, join here, but don't get a place to get introduced with one another. Usually other online discussion sites or directories have a separate section for introduction. Then why don't you guys have one here? Being a well-known name among database users, you must have one. Without that, the site looks incomplete somewhere.

    Being an active member of this site, that's all I can suggest here.

    Thanks and best regards.

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    I might suggest the New Members and Introductions Forum. That seems like a good fit to me!

    Welcome to DBForums.

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    Oh lord..! When I was going through the website, I didn't find this section.

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    May be use missed that time. Anyways welcome into this community.

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