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    Unanswered: Filter on Split form

    Good morning everybody, I have been building an Access and get into some "trouble" with the filter feature.

    I've got a split form in which I need to filter two columns on cmd button click.

    The first filter is simply because it is written by the User, the second filter instead is "automatically" and must be retrieved from Select query. This query has only one column where there could be up to 10 values so all this values needs also to be filtered.

    Hope that this is understandable


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    Quote Originally Posted by BosAngel View Post
    Hope that this is understandable
    At least not to me

    What's the problem? Can you at least provide information on the table(s) and columns involved? How is the query (or the filter) assembled?

    If you question is about how combine two conditions, the answer is that you join both conditions with an AND operator: <Condition1> AND <Condition2>
    Name Like 'A*" AND DateOfBith >= '2000-01-01'
    If you need to select values among a range, you can group these values using an OR operator:
    (Name Like 'A*' OR Name Like 'B*' OR Name Like 'C*') AND  (DateOfBith >= '2000-01-01')
    For an equal match, you can also use the IN operator:
    ItemCode IN (100, 200, 300)
    Have a nice day!

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